As public relations professionals, a question we often hear is, “How is PR different from marketing?”

In our increasingly blurred world of digital communications, it’s a good – and important – question to consider when evaluating your business’s goals and desired outcomes. While both marketing and PR share similar processes and often support one another, they each have decidedly different objectives.

Marketing is the business of driving sales by promoting and selling products and services. Marketers aim to generate leads and support sales teams. They do this through practices like advertising campaigns and buying media slots for those campaigns.

Public Relations involves longer-term work that builds brand equity, maintains a brand’s positive reputation, drives visibility of company leaders and ultimately earns and maintains trust among key stakeholders.

This is where MyHart Communications comes in. We are sophisticated PR professionals with an excellent track record of providing complex media relations work, thought leadership platform creation and execution, public affairs campaigns and great PR problem-solving.

Selected Client Case Studies

Powerful Public Relations, a market research and data solutions services company that provides data and trend insights to the multifamily industry, wanted to build credibility among its varied stakeholders groups – developers, property owners, vendors and suppliers, agents, investors and property management companies – who all watch trends and data from different angles. In an online world saturated with questionable data and resources, they came to MyHart to help tell their story in the most engaging way, boost visibility and reputation and connect with customers to grow their business.

Having strong relationships with reporters in markets across the country, MyHart also understands how to:

  • mine for useful client content and data
  • understand and synthesize the ever-changing media landscape in any given industry
  • thoughtfully craft pitches that leverage a particular reporter’s angles and interests
  • successfully engage with media on behalf of our clients

We’ve also positioned executives as thought leaders in the multifamily real estate space and comprehensively prepared them for media interviews with messages that resonate.

Between Jan. 1, 2022 and Sept. 30, 2022, MyHart earned nearly 100 separate articles based on multifamily market data for in print, TV, radio and online coverage. This coverage garnered stellar social media engagement results, including thousands of follows, likes, shares and impressions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

We continue to reach out to reporters and media outlets regularly. Every month, we get in touch with media contacts to update them on the latest data and help them make sense of it, why it is important and why their audience will care.

Over time,’s brand equity and reputation has increased, their leaders have been positioned as trusted experts in their industry and their stakeholders are more aware of and interested in their products and services.

Our work with – and all our clients, begins with truly understanding their business and goals and what makes them different and how to tell their story in a way that will connect with their target audiences.

We’re thrilled to help this incredible company become an increasingly trusted resource for media and raise its visibility and credibility among its stakeholders.

Winning Communications Strategies

Well-known Houston restaurateur Alli Jarrett came to us for public relations help to launch her newest dining venture, Low Tide Kitchen & Bar. With a quickly approaching opening date in a huge city known for its food, MyHart hit the ground running, quickly creating a robust targeted media outreach list complete with mainstream food media, bloggers, Instagrammers, podcasters and more.

We focused on Alli’s unique personal and professional story to create content, press materials and targeted pitches aimed at getting the word out about the new spot, generating a buzz and ultimately bringing people to the restaurant to try it out.

In these uncertain economic times, Alli wanted to provide a coastal seafood restaurant unlike any other in the area that is committed to delivering high-quality and affordable seafood. She offers a variety of food to suit a date night, a family gathering or a Sunday brunch crowd. Depending on our media targets, we focused on specific aspects of Low Tide’s story and described why it was newsworthy.

Our approach succeeded! Every mainstream food reporter and outlet covered the restaurant opening – some even used the exact messages and press release content we provided. Popular city-focused blogs, newsletters and Instagram accounts created posts and blurbs about the opening.

We helped Alli generate a buzz and keep it going. A handful of food editors have eaten at Low Tide Kitchen & Bar and gave it rave reviews.

What We Bring To The Table

While marketing a product or service can help get messages and content to your audience and help boost sales, PR helps build and maintain a positive brand reputation, trust in your company and strong relations between your company and its stakeholders.

As a former journalist (Becky) and PR pro who worked in city government for years (Suzy) bring public relations expertise, strategic communications, engaging content creation and successful community project support to every client relationship.

MyHart Communications has a complex understanding of a clients’ business and goals, their stakeholders and needs, long-term media relationships and capabilities, thoughtfully crafted campaigns and messages, carefully positioned thought leadership opportunities and public and government affairs expertise to enhance every client and project.

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