As we reach the height of awards season in the public relations industry, we are filled with pride and gratitude. This year, our small, women-owned public relations and communications firm in Houston was honored with prestigious accolades from both the Houston chapters of International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

Becky Myers and Suzy Hartgrove accept their Bronze Quill of Excellence from IABC Board Member Brittney Garneau.

At IABC’s awards event on June 13, we were thrilled to receive an Award of Excellence for our work on last fall’s Mayoral Forum on Parks and Open Space. This initiative, which we led on behalf of the Houston Parks Board and 25 other sponsors, focused on engaging the mayoral candidates and the local community in meaningful dialogue about the future of our city’s parks and open spaces. In a crowded election year, it was a project that highlighted the importance of public spaces in fostering community well-being and environmental stewardship. The recognition from IABC not only validates our​ efforts but also underscores the significance of the work we are doing for our city.

More to celebrate at the PRSA Excalibur Awards!

MyHart’s Becky Myers celebrates their achievement with client Dr. Monique Williams of Bread of Life, Inc.

Our excitement doubled at the PRSA awards on June 20, where we were honored with two Excalibur Awards. The first was for our collaboration with the nonprofit Bread of Life, Inc. (BOL), an organization dedicated to fighting hunger and providing disaster relief for Houston’s underserved community. The second Excalibur Award was once again for our work with the Houston Parks Board. These awards are a testament to the impactful and diverse nature of our projects, reflecting not only our public relations expertise but our commitment to causes that resonate deeply with our community.

Winning these awards is more than just a professional milestone; it is a celebration of our incredible team and the wonderful clients we have the privilege to work with. Our success is driven by the passion and dedication of our talented team members, who bring creativity, expertise and unwavering commitment to every project. Their hard work and innovative approaches are the backbone of our achievements.

We are equally grateful to our clients, who entrust us with their visions and missions. Working with great clients on worthwhile projects is the true reward in our line of work. The opportunity to support organizations like the Houston Parks Board and Bread of Life allows us to contribute in our special way to causes that make a tangible difference in our community. Their trust in our capabilities motivates us to push boundaries and strive for excellence in all that we do.

Each project we undertake is a journey that brings us closer to our community, fosters meaningful connections and creates lasting impacts. The recognition from IABC and PRSA serves as a reminder of why we do what we do – to tell powerful stories, to drive positive change and to amplify voices that need to be heard.

As we reflect on this awards season, we are filled with gratitude and inspiration. These accolades are not just ours; they belong to our team, our clients, and everyone who supports our mission. Together, we celebrate our shared achievements and look forward to continuing our journey of making a difference, one project at a time.

Thank you for being part of our story. Here’s to many more seasons of success, collaboration, and impact!

With gratitude,
Becky Myers and Suzy Hartgrove

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Public Relations

Our program positions clients to tell their story in the most persuasive way possible. Moreover, our strategic and thoughtful public relations sets your organization apart. Our public relations services include, but are not limited to:

● Building relationships with the key media outlets and reporters that you need
● Writing persuasive content
● Boosting visibility and reputation
● Growing your business

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Influential Content

You’ve likely seen the power of compelling content, even if you don’t realize it. By creating clear, concise, and interesting content overall, we build your brand’s momentum. From calling audiences to act, finding brand influencers, and providing opportunities for collaboration, we help our clients succeed. After all, your business must connect to the right audience in a meaningful way to leave its mark. MyHart Communications has the knowledge, relationships, and versatility to help businesses of all kinds reach their goals.

Community Project Support

Every business and its projects are stronger when they connect with the community. By executing bold strategies, our clients can build the right relationships for long-term success. Furthermore, our knowledge and connection to Houston’s communities and leaders runs deep. This allows us to effectively connect our clients, community leaders, and elected officials.

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MyHart Communications received
3 awards in 2024 for outstanding public relations, marketing, and communications campaigns.

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