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Public Relations
The right public relations program sets your company apart from competitors. We deliver strategic, thoughtful public relations initiatives to give you the best opportunity to tell your story in the most persuasive way. We build relationships with key media outlets and reporters for you. We write persuasive content for your website, blog posts, newsletters and social media. We boost your visibility and reputation. We connect you with your customers. MyHart Communications is passionate about using the power of public relations to help you grow your business.
MyHart Communications offers you robust and workable communication solutions. Communication can be creative, entertaining, educational, and empowering. We listen to your needs and design a customized strategy to help you achieve success. MyHart Communications is your full-service firm for all your communication needs.

Compelling content engages your audience and calls people to action. Clear, concise and interesting content builds support; creates influencers for your brand; and offers opportunities for collaboration and connections. A phrase, a sentence, a tweet, or a thought can pack a punch. Your content must reach its intended mark. Let MyHart Communications work with you to ensure that your business connects you in a meaningful way to your customers or audience.

Every project, every organization, every business is stronger when it’s connected to the vibrancy of the community. Projects supported by community leaders, elected officials and business owners are the most successful. MyHart Communications identifies and executes bold community strategies that are essential to developing enduring relationships and long-term success. Our knowledge and connection to Houston’s communities runs deep and our capability to connect with Houston officials is strong.

Don’t know where to start? Check out our QuickStart PR program. Choose from a few basic selections to start your PR journey.

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