Our Backstory

Our Backstory



More resilient

Our backstory begins in the 1990’s, where we met at the City of Houston. Both of us were young, eager public information officers ready to serve our city that was in the midst of a major transformation. Over the years, our paths diverged but we remained colleagues, trusted sources and friends. We’ve worked together with community, business and government groups, collaborated on special projects and headed up major initiatives. We’ve been there for each other through personal triumphs, tragedy and loss, happiness, hardship, excitement and joy.

Through it all, we’ve become stronger, wiser and more resilient.

And ready to help you achieve your goals.

We want to know your backstory. How you got to be where you are. What problems you solve. What motivates you. What you want to achieve. You’ve spent time, money and effort building and growing your backstory. It’s time for your unique story to emerge.

Our knowledge and experience give you the ability to connect with your audience using meaningful, effective messages and products.

It begins with the backstory. It becomes your success story!

“It’s time for your unique story to emerge.”
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